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The Sage Group’s professional IT Mentoring Services provide adept guidance and effective knowledge transfer initiatives to assist organizations engaged in IT projects. Getting the correct information to the right people at the right time is a critical component to your business' long term success. That is where The Sage Group can help provide productive and customized knowledge management.

By utilizing our Mentoring Services, your team will gain the expertise necessary to start and complete critical IT projects while greatly reducing your reliance on cost exorbitant external resources. Our “Project Directed Mentoring” program gives clients the benefit of being mentored in 100% work-related tasks by real-world seasoned professionals.


Business Analysis - Project Management (see full list)

IT Mentoring Overview

IT Security & Cybersecurity (see full list)

Programming/Application Development and Testing (see full list)

Oracle (see full list)

Sharepoint: Microsoft SharePoint Mentoring/Training Services Expertise Overview

Telecommunications (see full list)

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