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For nearly 30 years, The Sage Group has thrived by delivering training services to corporate America. Employing only instructors that have professionally cut their teeth on the subject matter, classes have been delivered to a wide variety of students, from new learners to the most highly experienced in their respective fields. Understanding that training is not a single event but a continuous process, instructors gather information about a prospective client to make sure that the subject matter is relevant to each student, and typically make themselves available once class is over to answer any remaining questions requiring further clarification. Training doesn’t end for the student once the class does. It goes on and facilitating the learning process is our first priority. Whether a course is right out of the box, customized from existing materials, or designed entirely from scratch, the needs of the client are foremost in the content and presentation of materials.

Training services are available in a variety of specializations including:

  • Business Process and Management
  • Information Security
  • Information Technology
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies

The Sage Group is no stranger to customizing courses to address a client’s specific needs, whether integrating additional topics of interest beyond what is provided in standard courseware, structuring a course in delivery segments more in line with a client’s work schedule, or offering instruction in various environments from classroom delivery to distance learning. We facilitate a broad spectrum of pre-training and post-training services and work with companies to maximize their development dollar with features including consulting, assessment, pre- and post-testing, and just-in-time delivery. The possibilities are limitless.

Training and College credit

Many of The Sage Group's courses are offered in partnership with degree-granting schools, providing students with an opportunity to earn credits toward a college degree. As a student, not only will you gain knowledge and skills in the area of proficiency required for your job, you can build courses to match an education degree plan and earn a degree.

Below are the current institutions through which The Sage Group offers degree-granting courses:

Nashville State Community College

Opened in 1970 with a current student population of 14,000 and forty-nine degree programs, twelve certificate programs and continuing education courses ranging from technical skills to management training and programs, NSCC is authorized to offer the Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) and technical/academic certificates. In addition, NSCC is authorized to offer the Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees for students planning to transfer to four-year universities.

National College Credit Recommendation Service

Founded in 1973 by the Commissioner of Education (State Department of New York), the National College Credit Recommendation Services (NCCRS) extends the benefit of college credit recommendations to the employees of The Sage Group’s clients. Extensive review ensures that any courses offered by The Sage Group undergo thorough review by seasoned college and university faculty. Furthermore, this review ensures that all Sage Group clients are receiving relevant, timely, and rigorous college-level training and education.

The Sage Group has been a member with NCCRS since 2003, providing academically ambitious programs in computer science and technical programs, business development, and medical coding.


The Sage Group listens and responds to our clients by crafting solutions to address the most complex skills development issues. Over time, relationships have become strengthened as Sage employees form strong bonds with our partners and work together with them to foster trust and commitment toward success. For example, it has been a pleasure to stand side-by-side with the AT&T Partnership for over two decades.

AT&T Partnership

The Employment Security Partnership, simply known as the Partnership, was created jointly by the Communication Workers of America of District 3 and BellSouth in recognition of the anticipated effect that technological developments and structural changes were expected to have on employees. Foreseeing a need for ongoing professional development, career preparation and career transition, the Partnership was created and continues to serve CWA members to this day. There are three mission directives of the Partnership:

  • To provide Career Counseling and Assessment
  • To create individualized Job/Career Development Plans
  • To lend Educational Assistance to address the development of vocational, personal and general skills

With respect to Educational Assistance, training funded by the Partnership must be provided by an approved institution. The Sage Group, as such an approved institution, has been providing training services to the Partnership since the early 90’s in areas including Fiber Optics, Networking, Call Center Skills, and wireless technologies.

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